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Meet the team

Dr. Richard Winkworth - Managing Director

19th July 2023


Dr Richard Winkworth is the Founder and Managing Director of Ampersand Technologies. It is Richard’s research, in collaboration with Prof. Peter Lockhart, exploring the application of new DNA amplification technologies to genetic diagnostics that led to the formation of this company.

Alongside running Ampersand Technologies, Richard is a Senior Lecturer in Plant Genetics at Massey University. His research reflects a broad interest in genome science and how it may be used to study biodiversity. Richard has worked in countries including the US, Brazil and Fiji on groups ranging from flowering plants to micro-organisms. He has been lucky enough to conduct fieldwork in both the Amazon and subantarctic islands.

In 2022, Richard was a finalist in the Breakthrough Innovator category at the KiwiNet Research Commercialisaton Awards. This category recognises researchers who are embracing the opportunity to commercialise their research.

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