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Ampersand Technologies officially launched in August 2021. The start-up, which is being led by Dr. Richard Winkworth, received co-investment from Matū, a venture capital fund focused on early-stage science and technology, and Massey Ventures, the company responsible for commercialising innovative research at Massey University.

The Massey University team, led by Richard and Prof. Peter Lockhart, has been exploring the potential of a new generation of DNA amplification technologies – these so-called isothermal technologies are revolutionising diagnostics globally. Assays for several diseases affecting our native fauna and flora, including kauri dieback and myrtle rust, have been developed with several others under development. 

Ampersand Technologies is leveraging the Massey University team's expertise to deliver DNA testing and test development services with a focus on agricultural, horticultural, and environmental applications.

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