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Meet the team
Briana Nelson - Senior Technician

13th September 2023


Briana Nelson is the Senior Technician at Ampersand Technologies, joining the company in March 2022.

Briana received a Master of Science in Plant Biology from Massey University in 2015. Her thesis project examined the effects of ultraviolet light on photosynthetic capability and capacity in plants. Having finished her degree Briana started working at Massey University as a research assistant with Prof. Peter Lockhart and Dr. Richard Winkworth. In these roles Briana was responsible for several projects involving qPCR-based testing before becoming involved in work exploring isothermal amplification technologies. At Ampersand Technologies Briana works in the lab on the development and validation of new LAMP tests as well as processing samples for our clients.

Outside of work Briana can either be found playing board games, such as Terraforming Mars, sewing or reading a good sci-fi fantasy novel.

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